These poufs look like they're from a majestic far away land---because they're!! Handmade in Morocco of 100% goatskin leather (every color except gold & silver which are made up of a synthetic mixture) these are the perfect, stylish addition to just about any room! They make an awesome extra seat, footstool, lounge pillow, or just as decor! In the future we hope to expand our collection & take custom orders! We currently have 18 colors to choose from!

These babies are HOT HOT HOT....turn on HGTV or open a design magazine and BAMM--I guarantee there will be a POUF.  Here's your chance @ an AUTHENTIC Moroccan Leather Pouf, at a VERY affordable price! 

As of now we only offer our Poufs **UNSTUFFED due to filler discrepancies/high costs. We hope to be able to offer you a STUFFED option before the end of the year!

We recommend cleaning out a closet and finding a large size garbage bag full of items.  If you prefer a firmer pouf, something that you can sit on and use as a foot rest I would recommend using old blankets, towels, jeans, and heavy sweatshirts or sweaters.

If you want you pouf to fluffier or to be used as more of a lounge pillow or just as a decor piece then you can get away with using throw pillows, and lighter clothing to fill it. 

You can also buy fillers to put in them at like a Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or Walmart BUT ill tell you from personal experience...they're super pricey once you finally buy enough to fill it & none of the fillers have quite the right consistency either.