what Is A Moroccan Pouf?

  • MOROCCAN AUTHENTICATION: Please don’t be fooled by or compare our genuine products to cheaper, knock-off poufs.  Trust me they do exist and are out there everywhere! Our product is the real deal--hand crafted of genuine goatskin leather in Marrakech (highest quality of leather in Morocco and much more expensive than sheepskin) by a total of 5 artisans over a 21-day span. These artisans are highly skilled and are experts in this particular craft. Each pouf is hand painted and has a lot of intricate embroidery detail so please do take into consideration that being made of genuine leather & handcrafted each pouf may have a slight variation of color, stitching, or size which reflects the artisan’s masterpiece.
      • ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS: We at MoroccansWay put quality first.  The quality of using eco-friendly premium products means way more than just a higher price. We have personally met with the artisans and witnessed the process that takes place to carefully handcraft each product that we offer.  As stated above we only use hand picked goatskin leather hides, all natural dyes, and a technique called sun power drying, all processed in ancestral tanneries in Morocco. We allow no harmful chemicals to be used during the 21-day process of creating these beautiful masterpieces.  With the use of these high quality, natural products each pouf is sure to last a lifetime and continue to soften over time bringing you continued functionality & beauty in your home for years to come!

        How to Use a Moroccan Pouf?

          • MOROCCAN DÉCOR: Our Moroccan pouf is a highly desired, versatile piece of furniture that not only brings beauty to your space but also functionality.  These well crafted pieces of flair bring extreme admiration to your home whether you put them in a living room, nursery, bedroom, powder room, office, or playroom they are sure to strike up curiosity or conversation by all.  Not only does each piece bring beauty to your space but are more commonly known for their wide variety of functions. Most commonly used as an extra see or ottoman but are also highly sought out as a side table, or foot rest!  There is really no space or use that isn’t possible with these beauties!

           What can I use to stuff a Moroccan pouf?

          Unfortunately, between shipping costs(once filled your pouf becomes very heavy) & filling costs it’s more economic to fill them yourself at home.  Not to mention how easy it is! Plus, you get to clean out old items in your house and technically hide them but not have to get rid of them!

          • Step 1: Take an empty, clean garbage bag and gather old household items. We have found that towels, blankets, pillows, & clothing work best. Make sure the items you’re using are both clean & dry to keep your leather pouf in its best condition. I will warn you though, it takes A LOT to fully fill your pouf—you will be surprised.
            • Step 2: Flip over your Moroccan pouf & unzip it. Don’t worry—any wrinkles or lines you see in the leather will dissipate over time after filling fully & the regular use of it.
            • Step 3: Now begin to stuff the bottom outer ring of your pouf, rotating it as you go to layer your filling. Once you have the outer ring built up about half-way, start to stuff the center from bottom upwards. Repeat this until you feel it’s “full”.
            • Step 4: Zip your pouf up and turn it over, then sit on it. I mean put your whole body weight on it and wiggle around (You won’t hurt it and the point is to compress what you have put in it thus far) until you feel you have flattened it a little.
            • Step 5: Flip it back over, unzip, and add more clothes or filling to plump it up again. Typically doing this a couple times is the best way to get a completely full, plump, & comfortable pouf!
            • Step 6: Once done, zip a final time and return it to its upright position then find the perfect, most pouf worthy spot in your home and ENJOY!

                How Do I Clean My Leather Pouf?

                • CARE INSTRUCTIONS & MAINTENANCE: Please be aware that even though we use the highest quality of leather, just like in a new car, you might experience a slight new car smell with your pouf but you will be surprised at how fast this fades.  Just like anything genuine leather, it needs to be cared for in a particular way to really maximize the longevity of the product. Just like anything else in our homes, a pouf will collect dust and particles over time. We highly recommend running a vacuum attachment across your pouf to eliminate unwanted or unseen dirt or dust which is an easy & quick task that will keep your leather pouf nice and fresh. Wiping your pouf with a dry cloth will also eliminate the dust and dirt just not go as deep as vacuuming.  We do not recommend using household cleaners or detergents on your pouf.  If you feel the need to use an actual cleaner, you’re better off using a specialized furniture leather cleaner that is meant to protect your product from certain chemicals. Also, this may sound crazy but the placement of your pouf can have an effect on the longevity of it.  If you place it near a window, over time the sun can have a severe fading effect on it, not to mention that extra dust & particles are known to accumulate the closer to light that they’re. 

                Where To Buy Moroccan Leather Pouf?

                For your best interest, remember to always purchase your Moroccan pouf from a reputable & trusted retailer.  We here at MoroccansWay go the extra mile to bring you genuine, all natural, high quality products. If you have ANY questions please don’t hesitate to email us @  or send us a message on IG or FB, we’re happy to help and would love to gain you as a trusted customer!

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