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This BROWN Moroccan Sabra Silk Runner Rug is so vibrant!! Its intense brown background has a great neutral feel but then allows for an awesome contrast against the colorful tribal symbols. The colors & patterns on these handwoven rugs are so incredible. This piece is the perfect size and pile to place in a hallway, foyer, bathroom, or kitchen! A true piece of art! 

Sabra Silk is derived from the Vegan Sabra Aloe Vera Cactus plant in the Moroccan Sahara dessert. The leaves are pounded, scraped, and then soaked until the fibers seperate which removes the aloe vera from either side. Once the fibers are separated they're spun by hand to create silky, but very STRONG thread. The threads are then dyed by all natural vegetable dyes and then woven on looms to create the cactus silk rugs. Each rug tells its own story based on its own traditional tribal symbols & awesome color palettes. Once finished, each rug is sun bleached & air dried to achieve its final color & character. Over time the silk fibers are known to become softer & softer.

Due to their low pile, these Sabra Silk rugs make the perfect area rug or accent piece to ANY space. They nicely cover any type of flooring and sit easily under furniture! They really are any home decor gurus dream!

Dimensions: Approx: 5 ft 10 in x 1 ft 8 in (RUNNER) 

Cleaning: Just like silk clothing, these Sabra Silk rugs do not mix well with water. It is HIGHLY recommended that you DRY CLEAN ONLY these rugs!